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We are Schweizer Konditori, existing from 1920 in Gamla Stan, Västerlånggatan 9, Stockholm. All these years we have served our guests with delicious sandwiches, desserts, coffee and our most famous fresh squeezed orange juice. Reviews from our guests are great mirror of our services.
Now, we decided to change our concept and focus on organic, homemade, healthy menu.
Our idea of serving 25 landscapes of Sweden has finally come to life when we reopened 6th of June. Every month we will reveal four new swedish landscapes, starting with month June : Gotland and saffranspannkaka, Västerbotten – västerbottenostpaj, Halland – lax pudding, and Bohuslän – räkmacka. Our salads are not less unique, they are completely organic and their ingredients and taste carefully chosen. Of course, our daily fresh squeezed orange juice and other specialties such as fresh mint tea will always stay at Cafe Schweizer. We are looking forward to getting back where we were before this crisis, this time with a new concepts but same energy and heart.


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Ett familjeföretag med passion för tradition och service. I Gamla Stan sedan 1920. // A family run business with a passion for tradition and service. In the Old Town since 1920.

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Ett stenkast från Regeringskansliet och Kungliga Slottet, omöjligt att missa! // Just around the corner from parliament and the Royal Palace, it’s hard to miss it.

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